Top 5 Australian Universities

By | June 14, 2013
Australian National University

Australian National University

Finding the right university can be a herculean task, with the gazillions of factors to consider and the pressure of making the right choice the first time- let’s just say it’s no easy breeze! Australia has risen to become an ideal scholarly hotspot for students. Universities not only offer all imaginable courses yet the key feature is environment- which is a factor to be considered  more important than the studies themselves; the all inviting, friendly culture is for many the factor which sets the  seal. If Australia is where your heart is set then behold the top 5 universities you can enroll yourself in:

Australian National University or ANU for short ranks 17 in the world rankings and houses an excellent staff, attracting prestigious speakers such as the prime minister of Malaysia.

University of Sydney offers a unique blend of tradition and modernism. Offering a variety of courses all taught by veterans in their fields. Its perks include a distinctive lifestyle and   the campus being a 5 minute walk away from Sydney’s CBD.

University of New South Wales or UNSW for short is known for the high caliber graduates it produces and its motto ‘knowledge my hand and mind’ succinctly sums up the balance between scholarly and practicality. The main campus is located in Kensington but its notable for a number of it partnership programs.

University of Melbourne which encompasses the prestigious Melbourne Business School was ranked 2nd as Australia’s best university in 2010.  Diversity is where it gets bonus points as the university is a magnet for international students from across the globe.

University of Queensland or UQ in short has won numerous awards University teaching making their teachers credible pools of knowledge. Furthermore it provides admiral support for mid-career researchers and not to mention QU being the oldest university of Queensland.

To sum up, if Australia is your destination then it hosts an exciting array of universities that will sure to fulfill your every requirement and give you that extra edge too!

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