Top 100 Universities In USA With Highest Acceptance Rate

By | April 6, 2013


Universities In USA With Highest Acceptance RateA student starts exploring universities by the time he is in high school. He looks out for universities which provide a better platform for his field of interest. There are many other factors considered when researching and the ‘acceptance rate’ of a university is one of these.

Acceptance Rate:

The acceptance rate is the percentage of students being accepted into their system.  Generally, high acceptance states that the university issues much number of admit, which consequently means, that it gives admissions to all or any kind of students. At times such universities are opted for as well to be on a safe side.

Similarly, low acceptance means that the university is amongst the top ranked school which means high competition.  At times, even low ranked schools keep low acceptance due to their own reasons.

Universities with highest acceptance rate:

The acceptance rate goes from hundred per cent to even five per cent (Whoa! That sounds like one of the best universities!).  Below given is a handful list of universities along with their little description and acceptance rate for ‘fall 2011’ according to a survey by U.S News and World report. Universities with the highest acceptance rate are listed.  So if you’re up for higher education in the upcoming semester, this list might come in handy: –

There are lists of colleges and universities you will find over the World Wide Web but the things, which should be in your checklist should be:

  • To which sector University belongs
  • Acceptance rate
  • Academic system
  • Number of enrollments
  • And most important one, tuition fees

1)      Academy of Art University – Acceptance rate is 100%

Situated in San Francisco, California this school is topping the list with 100% acceptance rate.

It was founded in 1929 by Richard S. Stephens and is now owned by the Stephens institute. Semester system is followed within this University with enrolments of 12, 205 in each semester approximately.

Tuition Fees:

$23, 240

2)      American Public University System – Acceptance rate is 100%

This University is founded by retired Marine Corps officer James P. Etter in 1991 firstly, as American Military University (AMU). It is headquartered in Charles Town, WV with administrative offices maintained in Manassas, VA. Total enrolments in American Public’s undergraduate programs shoot to the level of 39, 982.

Tuition Fees:

$7, 500

 3)      Baker College of Flint – Acceptance rate is 100%

It is a private institution founded in 1911 and situated in Flint, Michigan. It has now thirteen locations throughout the Lower Peninsula of Michigan. Baker College follows the quarterly academic system and in each quarter almost 6, 329 undergraduate enrollments are done.

Tuition Fees:

$7, 740

4)      Boston Architectural College – Acceptance rate is 100%

Boston Architectural College “BAC” is the New England’s largest independent college of spatial design. Undergraduate enrollments in each semester are almost 539 as semester system is followed within the premises.

Tuition Fees:

$17, 330

5)      Chancellor University – Acceptance rate is 100%

Situated in metropolitan Cleveland, Ohio, Chancellor University was originally founded in 1848 as Folsom’s Mercantile College. The campus has been designed in ways that fulfil all the requirements of being an urban one. The campus is standing on 5 acres of land to facilitate new and previous students in each semester of the year.

Tuition Fees:

$10, 500

6)      College of St. Thomas More – Acceptance rate is 100%

This College is founded in 1981 as ‘Saint Thomas More Institute’, this university in situated in Fort Worth, Texas. The academic system followed by College of St. Thomas More is particularly semester based.

Tuition Fees:

$12, 800

7)      CUNY – College of Staten Island – Acceptance rate is 100%

Richmond College and Staten Island Community college were merged in the year 1976 and named as College of Staten Island. It is situated in New York, USA.

The CUNY College follows semester system in their academic calendar and in every semester undergraduate enrolments in totality are around 13, 156. They have different fee structures divided into two broad categories, in-state and out-of-state.

Tuition Fees:

In-state: $5, 858

Out-of-State: $14, 978

8)      CUNY – Medgar Evers College – Acceptance rate is 100%

Named after Medgar Wiley Evers, this school was established in 1970 and is situated in New York, USA. The system academic calendar of CUNY Medgar Evers College utilizes is based on semesters. Each semester enrolments in undergraduate programs are 6, 966.

Tuition Fees:

In-State: $5, 432

Out-of-State: $11, 342

9)      Daytona State College – Acceptance rate is 100%

Located in Daytona beach, Florida, United States this university was founded in the year 1957.

10)  Fisk University  Nashville TN – Acceptance rate is 100%

This University falls under the category of private institutes. It was given the shape of a particular concrete structure in the year 1988. The campus has been pillared on 42 acres land area. The structure has been given a modern look and touch which force almost 480 enrollments every semester in undergraduate programs.

Tuition Fees:

$20, 391

11)  Goddard College Plainfield, VT – Acceptance rate is 100%

It is also one of the private institutions, which was pillared in 1988 in its intrinsic state. The land this structure occupies is almost 200 acres. The style given to this college is more likely of rural cosmetic rather urban one. The academic system followed within Goddard is based on semesters. The reputation of this college can be figured out by the yearly enrollment; 250 in totality for an undergraduate program in a single semester.

Tuition Fees:

$13, 670

12)  Granite State College Concord, NH – Acceptance rate is 100%

Granite State College was pillared in 1972 under the category of public institutes. The academic calendar followed within the premises of Granite State College is tri-semester one. A total of 1, 669 enrollments are done each semester of the year.

Tuition Fees:

$7, 065

13)  Missouri Western State University St. Joseph, MO – Acceptance rate is 100%

It was pillared in 1969 under the tag of being a public sector University. It occupies the land of 723 acres with the style of Universities of other cities.  6, 099 is the total enrolment rate received in undergraduate programs of this University. In-State and Out-of-State are the two tuition fees structured followed by this institution.

Tuition Fees:

In-State: $6, 367

Out-of-State: $11, 739

14)  Mountain State University Beckley, WV – Acceptance rate is 100%

It is an institution considered as the private one. It came into being in 1933 with the name of Mountain State University. Total enrollments in every semester are 4, 209 in undergraduate programs. The campus is counted as the lavish one in top 100 Universities list.

Tuition Fees:

$9, 480

15)  New Mexico Highlands University Las Vegas, NM – Acceptance rate is 100%

It is one of the public institutions of Las Vegas, pillared in 1893. The style of the campus is more of a rural one because of its traditional old pattern being followed, even by the new authorities. Total enrolments in undergraduate programs of every semester is about 2, 338.

Tuition Fees:

In-State: $3, 264

Out-of-State: $5, 328

16)  Cameron University, Lawton, OK – Acceptance rate is 99.6%

It is one of the public sector institutions, pillared in 1908. It is situated on 160 acres of land which is more than enough for occupying and providing good facilities to 5, 941 undergraduate enrollments in each semester.

Tuition Fees:

In-State: $4, 590

Out-of-State: $11, 198

17)  Montana State University, Billings, MT – Acceptance rate is 99.5%

It is counted as a public sector University, which was given concrete shape in 1927. The campus is situated on 112 acres of land which satisfies 4, 719 enrollments in undergraduate programs every semester.

Tuition Fees:

In-State: $5, 711

Out-of-State: $12, 212

18)  Brigham Young University, Rexburg, ID – Acceptance rate is 99.4%

It is counted as a private sector University of Rexburg. In 2013 it was rewarded with the title of being the outstanding college in an edition.

Tuition Fees:

$3, 470

19)  Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts, Old Lyme, CT – Acceptance rate is 99.1%

It is one of the private institutions of Old Lyme, concreted in 1976. It occupies almost 47 acres of land which is fine enough for the fulfilment of the needs of 80 undergraduate program enrollments in each semester.

Tuition Fees:

$28, 536

20)  Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS – Acceptance rate is 98.9%

It is an old public sector University, formed in 1863. 19, 385 is the total number of enrollments received for undergraduate programs carried out within this University. The academic year is divided into semesters for program completion.

Tuition Fees:

In-State: $7, 657

Out-of-State: $19, 123

21)  Texas A&M University, Kingsville, TX – Acceptance rate is 97.9%

It is one of the public sector Universities, located in Kingsville since 1925. The picture of its campus can be imagined from the size of the land the University occupies; 250 acres. 5, 557 is the total amount of enrolments received each semester by this University in undergraduate programs.

Tuition Fees:

In-State: $6, 940

Out-of-State: $17, 470

22)  MidAmerica Nazarene University, Olathe, KS – Acceptance rate is 97.8%

MidAmerica Nazarene University was concreted in 1966 under the tag of being private sector institution. The campus occupies 105 acres of land in totality. The suburban style of the campus might attract few of the enrolments. The system academic calendar of the University follows is primarily based on semesters.

Tuition Fees:

$21, 500

These are some 22 Universities counted in the list of 100 universities having the highest acceptance rate in the USA. There are many names associated with this century list such as, Freed-Hardeman University (A.R = 99.2%), Southern Nazarene University (A.R = 99.0%), Wayland Baptist University (A.R = 98.8%), Lyndon State College (A.R = 98.7%), Welch College (A.R = 98.7%), Trinity International University (A.R = 98.1%) and many more.

Try figuring out the right one according to the enrollment in program and tuition fees associated with it. It acres occupied by the Universities usually give a picture of facilities they might offer to enrolled students.

More Universities will be added to this page soon.