Study Abroad USA – VS – UK – VS – Australia

The globalised world has its own culture and environment where there are very few barriers as compared with the pre-industrial world. The interconnectedness of the world owes it to the technological advancement, communicational revolution and innovation in transportation. Education is also globalized as hundreds and thousands of students travel from one part of the world to another in pursuit of better education. Flocks of students us-vs-uk-vs-auscome to the developed countries like United Kingdom, United States to get higher education. Australia has come into the race of the countries that host thousands of international students annually. A comparison of the higher education in these countries can help students in gauging the viable opportunities provided for the international students in the respective countries. We hope our effort would assist readers to make right choices about their academic plans.

United States:-

Thousands of students fly to US to study due to the most advance and top ranking universities having a standard quality in higher education there.US


  • There is a diverse range of programs available in the universities of US without any compromise on the quality which is evident in the higher number of students getting admission into these universities making them a favorable place for foreign students.
  • There is a skilled faculty in all of the universities and most universities hire the best or expert individual in a particular field of study. This helps students as the guidance by the experts is provided to them for their career.
  • There is a freedom and flexibility in the American education as students can choose the best among many options available for a particular field of study. There are unlimited choices available for the students.
  • The focus of the education in United States is on the practical aspect of study which enhances the pragmatic approach in students. It inculcates the problem solving skills and improves the thinking ability of the students.
  • Apart from the modern facilities and advanced technology, many job opportunities are available in the United States and its neighborhood for the foreign students.



  • The cost of education in United States is higher than the other countries and it is one of the most important impediments in the study in US.
  • There is also a low acceptance rate in jobs for foreign students. The employers in the United States have a high standard and they demand full potential and maximum qualities and they rarely employ foreign students.
  • Different states in the US follow different curriculum and this creates variety of standards among various states.
  • It is competitive and challenging to study abroad and there are difficult visa problems after study and it creates impediments in job and employment in the United States after degree. Moreover, the cultural differences enhance the loneliness too.


United Kingdom:-

UK is another host to thousands of students flocking together here in pursuit of higher education every year.


  • It not only has some of the most reputed universities in the world but it provides the quality education with best teaching faculty to guide the students in every step.
  • The exposure to the world’s best technologies and freedom of thought makes a viable environment for international students in the UK.
  • After the graduation, the international students can secure high paid jobs anywhere in the world. The value of the degree would be more than any university in the homeland of the foreign students, particularly if they are from developing or under developed countries.
  • Since UK is a country with a multicultural inhabitants, so the foreign students can easily adapt them into the diverse cultural spectrum in the United Kingdom.



  • Expenses in the United Kingdom are high. The cost of living and the tuition fees collectively cause a financial burden for the students. The cost of living is around seven thousands annually.
  • Most of the students have to adopt a hectic routine as they have to do the part time jobs to meet the expenses. This affects their education. To manage the balancing of work and study is one of the difficulties in studying in the United Kingdom.
  • Post-study visa problems cause a lot of hurdles for international students in the UK.



Many students go to Australia for higher education and the number of students going to Australia for higher education has increased in the recent years.


  • The degrees provided by the Australian universities are recognized worldwide. The quality of education is good and the advance technology is available for the students.
  • Cost of living in Australia is less as compared to the United States and United Kingdom.
  • One of the most advantageous things in study in Australia is that almost all the universities allow the students to work.
  • The universities in Australia are a good place especially for the students coming from the developing or underdeveloped countries. They may not have the standard of Harvard or Oxford but they are better than the homeland universities of such international students.
  • Moreover, the skill gap in Australia sprouts many job opportunities for the international students and in case of an opportunity provide by any organization to get a permanent resident status, an international student can have a heaven in having a job with good money.


  • The quality of the Australian universities is not as that of the American universities. If one has to get the top quality education, he/she has to fly to the US or UK for the top notch educational institutions.
  • Finding a job in Australia can be a little difficult as it does not have as bigger and wider market as the United States or United Kingdom have.
  • There are not many scholarships in Australia as compared with the scholarship programs provided by the US or UK.
  • There is also fear about racism and assault on foreigners, Indians in particular, so be careful if you choose Australia as your study destination.


Studying abroad is the phenomenon getting momentum each year of this advanced century. Flocks of students go to the developed countries in pursuit of quality education. The students can get help if they know the statistics and pros and cons of selecting a country for their higher education prior to making any decision. The better view and prior knowledge of the countries and their educational institutions, the culture and environment and the cost of living etc can help students in being vigilant in selecting a country for their degree program. Summarily, this comparison of the world’s most frequent destinations of the international students i.e. US, UK and Australia is designed to help students in having a better view and understanding of what an higher education is like in these countries.

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