International Students in United States

By | January 4, 2015
Harvard University

Harvard University

The internationalization of many processes and institutions are going on with the dawn of a new landscape covered by the technological advancement and communicational revolution and innovating means of transportation. The institutions pertaining to education; universities and colleges have become revolutionized and internationalized too. Flocks of students go from one part of the world to the other, tearing apart the barriers of distance, cultures, and nationalities, in pursuit of higher and quality education. Most of the developed countries are seen as the hub of this cultural diversity in their educational institutions.

Quick Facts:

  •  The total number of students 764,495.
  • China Sending the highest number of Students to US and the total number currently stands at 194,029.
  • India is the second country sending 100,270 students.
  • 72,295 South Korean Students are in US.
  • Saudi Students amount to 34,139.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

United States is one of the leading countries that accommodate a diversity of foreign students and the number of these students is increasing every year. The total number of students is pointed out to be around 764,495. Most of the students are from China having the highest number 194,029 and covering more than twenty five percent of the total foreign students. India is the second country having so many of its youth studying in the United States with 100,270 students which makes it more than thirteen percent of the total. 72,295 South Koreans are studying in the United States covering up to around ten percent of the international students studying in US. Students from Saudi Arabia amount to 34,139 pulling more than four percent of the students into its fold. 26,821 students are from Canada, 23,250 from Taiwan and 19,966 are from Japan covering 3.5, 3.0 and 2.6 percent of the foreign students respectively. Students from other countries contribute to thirty three percent5 with the number of students as 252,287. According to Open Doors report, there is an increase of eight percent in the international students studying in the United States as compared with the previous year and the total number of foreign students has mounted up to 886,052 in 2013-2014 of which majority of the international students is at undergraduate level.

These students have a profound impact on the economy of the United States as they contribute approximately twenty four billion dollars annually into the economy of the country. According to NAFSA, international students and their associates have contributed $26.8 billion into the US economy during the year 2013-2014 alone generating 340,000 jobs in the country. While according to US Department of Commerce, these international students have contributed more than $27billion into the fold of US economy during the academic year 2013-2014. The top three states namely California, New York and Texas together host around 32% of the total international students in the United States, and China, India and South Korea constitute 50% of the total international students coming to US, says Open Doors report.

To conclude, the number of international students coming to US for quality education is increasing despite the strict visa policies, cost of study and other difficulties in studying abroad. These students not only have to their names a huge contribution into the US economy but they also contribute in creating new jobs and adding the brilliant technocrats and intellectually capable human material into the work force.

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