European Countries Offering Free Education Programs in English Language

The twenty first century is century of advanced technology, vast communicational network and innovative or easy modes of transportation. The world has become a globalized one where no sphere of life is unconnected. Education is no exception. Flocks of students go abroad to get higher education every year where majority of them is from less developed countries. They seek cheap education abroad to meet their meager financial condition. Europe has become an enthralling destination for such foreign students with its cheap education where many countries offer free education.

The language barrier is one of the significant problems an international student has to face while studying abroad. Most of the European countries have solved this trouble by offering various programs taught in English. Following are the European countries offering free education programs in English language.

Freie Universitat Berlin,Germany
Freie Universitat Berlin,Germany

Germany is offering free education for all the students irrespective of nationality and is one of the best countries to have quality education. In Germany, around 900 graduate and under graduate programs are offered in English with a wide range of courses. Freie Universitat Berlin, Humboldt University, Technische Universitat Munchen, Schiller International University (teach almost all subjects in English) and Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich are some of the universities that offer wide range of English taught subjects.

University of Jyvaskyla,Finland
University of Jyvaskyla,Finland

Finland also offers a large number of programs in English. Finnish educational institutions provide 450 degree and non-degree programs that are taught in English. The books, lectures and tests are also provided in English within such international programs. They cover many fields of study ranging from Bio-technology, forestry, ICT, Environmental Sciences to architecture, design, Computer Science and art. Moreover, there are around 246 Master’s programs in Finland that are taught in English. The various English taught courses are offered in many Finnish Universities including University of Helsinki, Lappeenranta University of Technology, University of Oulu, Tampere University of Technology, Arcada University of Applied Sciences and Hanken School of Economics etc.

Though education is not free for non-EU students in Sweden, but the PhD degree programs are absolutely free in Sweden. There are more than 900 listed programs in 35 Swedish universities that are taught in English. There are around 700 Master’s program and more than 100 graduate programs taught in English in Sweden. Stockholm University, Halmstad University, Uppsala University and Stockholm School of Economics are few of the names among many Swedish universities that offer many courses taught in English.

Education in Norway has also been made free for international students irrespective of the nationality where students have to pay only $50-100 semester fee. There are many English-taught undergraduate programs along with more than 200 Master’s programs taught in English. There is a wide range of subjects taught in English at the University of Oslo including Social Sciences, Mathematics, Law, Humanities, Theology, Natural Sciences, Dentistry, Computer Science, Medicine, Gender Studies etc.

Austria is another country where education is free for the EU students and the students from under developed countries. More than dozen undergraduate and post graduate programs are taught in English in Austria. University of Vienna, University of Graz and Leopold-Franzens-Universitat Innsbruck are few names among the Austrian Universities that taught in English.

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