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The Most Cheapest University in United Kingdom

Glyndwr university is the most cheapest university in United Kingdom for international students as it’s the only university in UK that’s providing free accommodation for the first year.The total cost for first year at  Glyndwr university is £8,950 and this includes free accommodation.However the tuition fee for subsequent years is £8,950 and it does not include free accommodation. Glyndwr university is… Read More »

10 Most Affordable Universities in UK For International Students

Higher Education in UK is considered very expensive and most of the domestic UK students found it difficult to get higher education from Universities without getting financial aid.And its more expensive for International Students specially those Outside of European Union will found that tuition fees are very high for them and it’s almost impossible for International Students to get… Read More »

Worst Universities in UK

Wolverhampton University: Wolverhampton University has been ranked as one of the worst universities in United Kingdom. It is located in Wolverhampton, United Kingdom. Wolverhampton University was established in 1835 as a British university. Wolverhampton University according to the league tables has been ranked as one of the worst universities in UK. Courses: Following are the… Read More »

5 Universities in UK With Higher Number of Females to Males Ratio

Queen Margaret University: Queen Margaret University is located in United Kingdom. It was established in 1875 but gained the status of university in 2007. Queen Margaret University is one of those universities that have higher percentage of females studying here. The percentage of female students studying here is 77% while the percentage of male students… Read More »

Top 5 Undergraduate Universities in United Kingdom

University of the Arts London: According to the world educational ranking of 2013 University of the Arts London has been ranked as one of the best undergraduate universities present in United Kingdom. It is a public sector university. It was established in 1986. This institute mainly specializes in fields linked with arts, media, fashion and… Read More »