Benefits of International Students studying in Canada v. UK

Deciding on which university to receive your education from is a big decision, especially when it’s going to involve traveling abroad. A couple of the most popular countries for international students are Canada or the UK. When you compare the two, there are some main benefits for choosing to study at Canadian universities instead of UK universities. Here’s why.

Quality of education

Of course, the main reason students choose Canada for college education is because of the quality of a Canadian education. Canada and the UK are accepted as fairly equal wherever you go. Some of Canada’s universities are ranked in the top 50 universities in the entire world.

Consider the cost

The cost of a Canadian education is considered to be affordable. This is especially true when compared to the cost to receive the same degree in the UK. Even if you find a deal, and the price of the education itself ends up costing less than a comparable UK university, the cost of living is so much less in Canada than it is to live in the UK. If you choose to supplement this income by working while you study, international students in Canada are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week throughout their school terms and full time during summer or vacation breaks, and most students won’t need a work permit to do so.

The admissions process

Canadian schools offer a lot of support for international students to help with adjusting to a new culture, walking through the requirements of obtaining a visa, and there are scholarship options available as well as providing an admissions process that is easy to understand. They are mostly focused on grades and proof of the ability to communicate in English fluently, and there are no standardized tests needed to be admitted as an undergraduate.

Visas and immigration status

 When you study abroad, you typically receive temporary immigration status in the country. However, this usually will expire when your study program ends. This means, that after you receive your degree, you will need to return home after graduation. Canada, however, has a lot of programs that are intended to encourage international students to stay, work, and become permanent residents of Canada after they graduate.

Future employment

Since Canada is one of the largest economies in the world, there are a lot of work opportunities. If you decide to return to your own country for work after graduation or to go elsewhere, the education you receive in Canada will serve you well.


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