5 Cheapest Law Colleges in USA for International Students

Law CollegesThe degrading economy and fiscal depression throughout the world has led to students reconsidering their choices of colleges internationally. The leading public and private Law Schools of USA have become extremely costly for the international students as the entire sum of the tuition fee, residency costs, travel expenses and personal expenditures is very high. However this need not stop students seeking quality education abroad and be demoralized. Some of the colleges in USA offer comparatively cheaper education and it is seen that the price you pay does not dictate the education you receive in return. Five Cheapest Law Colleges in USA for international students are the following.

1. North Carolina Central University located in Durham, North Carolina holds a position in the top 20 law schools of America. Initially it was founded for African-American students but today the institute boasts a vast population of bright minds who are dedicated to public service and choose to pursue law. For the international students enrollment it is necessary for them to file a complete application and along with that a non- refundable fee of $40. The tuition fee for two semesters in the undergraduate program for law is $31,974 which is considerably lower and cheaper than other law colleges of USA.

2. The University of District of Columbia, David A. Clarke School of law was created from two different law colleges. This law college also prides itself in the education and tutoring of the future attorneys and lawyers of the world whose only purpose is to help those who seek justice. For students who are not resident in the district a non-refundable tuition deposit of $400 is made. It is necessary for the international students to also submit the health insurance fee $329 and yearly tuition fee of $21,240.

3. University of North Dakota, Grand Forks which was founded in 1899 has for years possessed the honor of producing successful Supreme Court Justices, private practice attorneys. The university offers a wide range of clubs and activities like Law Review, Moot Court, and Student Bar Association etc. For the international students application fee of $35 is paid and once admission is finalized a tuition fee of about $17,793 is paid for both fall and spring semester.

4. University of Mississippi established in 1854 is perhaps one of the oldest law schools in USA and also one of the cheapest. The university prides itself in teaching the young and bright minds civility, professional integrity, honesty and freedom. The fee for International Students is $19,620 with a small amount of application fee which is non refundable. The university demands students’ participation in group seminars and simulation experiences to make sure that students understand the development of law, ethical issues and have a profound legal knowledge.

5. Queens College which is located Queens; New York City is one of the oldest colleges of City University of New York. It opened in 1937 with the sole aim to offer higher education to students from all sorts of backgrounds. Although its law schools are comparatively not as old as it was established in 1983, it still has managed to hold a position among the top ten colleges of law in USA. The principal focus is to produce efficient and capable attorneys who wish to help the community and play a role in prevailing justice in the society. The application fee is $65 and the tuition fee for international students is $16,510. This is no doubt a cheap fee structure considering the quality of education the university offers and the cost of studying law in other law colleges of America.