3 Most Educated Countries In the World

Education sector is a very important sector throughout the world and there is no denying its importance. However the overall performance of a country can be evaluated through its literacy rate. It’s a fact that about 90% of developed states have a high percentage of literacy rates. A country without high number of educated persons there is no way that it could survive in the competitive world of growing technology and chances of advancement become very low. It has been seen in the past and it will be seen in the future that education plays the most vital role in the country’s path towards development. A civilized and enlightened society is always the one that recognizes the importance of education and values it. Following are the top 3 most educated countries in the world and it is clearly seen that they just not fall into the most educated category but are also among the most developed nations of the world. Also the top universities and colleges are situated here providing world class h higher education to people from all over the world.

1. CanadaCANADA

Canada tops the list of the most educated states in the world since it’s the only nation where more than half of the adult population has attained tertiary education. Since the year 2000 it is observed how rapidly the rate of adults attaining higher level of education has increased and Canada has emerged as the most education nation of the world. The amazing fact about the Canadian Education is that although Canada enjoys the top position in education sector throughout the world yet it has never been the leader in education spending as it marks only 6.1% of GDP or less. A large number of the allotted money is spent on tertiary education and this has enabled Canadians to construct well established and academically superior universities attracting hundreds of international students every year.

2. Israel

Israel ranks second as the 3 most educated states of the world. It is most educated


country after Canada as published in a report by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). According to a report Israel falls in 2nd place in terms of percentage of adults ranging from the age of 25 to 64 that have

reached or attained higher education. The report also explained how the educational reforms of 2008 which were implemented in Israeli schools and colleges which resulted in the improved wages of teachers and quality of the education by majorly focusing and changing the employment conditions plus the structure of studies. The increase in salaries of teachers and professors at every level of education has improved the education sector. Also the standard of education has been enhanced through high level of research.

3. Japan

Despite the fact that the educational expenditure in Japan is considerably lighter than other nations, the country still has a high japanschool graduation rate of 96 % while its percentage of adult population with tertiary education is higher too landing it to the 3rd spot in the world’s most educated countries. Japanese society is highly educated and technical however it is seen in recent years how the graduates have been unable to find employment and work after attaining higher education. Still Japan has managed to be one of the most educated states of the world and also is working towards enhancing the level of education in the country.

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