Top 10 Universities Of USA

By | July 22, 2013
Harvard University

Harvard University

Educational institutes of USA have the reputation and also the resources to rank them among the best internationally. They not only offer the best academics and faculties but also provide students with exotic and historic campuses and a soothing yet competitive educational environment. The top ten universities of USA can be the following:

1. First and foremost is the Harvard University which is not just the best university in USA but also ranks highest in endowment. The greater resources have made it possible for students seeking financial assistance attend university for free. Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts it is a private Ivy League research university and is perhaps the oldest university of USA. The facilities are word class; faculty comprises the best scholars and scientists of the world. The international student fee for undergraduate program is $40,866 per academic year exclusive of other personal expenses of travel and accommodation

2. Princeton University is the fourth oldest college of USA and is located in Princeton, New Jersey. The annual cost of attendance is $56,750 which also includes room charges and board rate apart from the tuition fee. The university rank 1st in National Universities and it is the only institution that frequently ties with Harvard University.

Yale University

Yale University

3. Located in New Haven, Connecticut Yale University is also one found in the top among the best academic institutions for higher education in USA. The location makes it easier for the students to get to New York or Boston easily by rail or road. The tuition fee for International students is $42,300 per year.

4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology is located in Cambridge, Mass and is known to be one of the top international institutions for higher studies. The tuition fee is $42,050 per annum and the focus is on the scientific and technological research.

5. The University of Pennsylvania, located in Philadelphia was founded by one of the founding fathers of America, Benjamin Franklin. The university has 12 schools of which four offer undergraduate and graduate studies while there are eight schools offering graduate studies. The annual tuition fee for an international student is $43,738

6. Stanford University near Palo Alto, California is one of the most famous and strongest research and teaching centers in the world. It is a smart choice for international students who seek moderate climate and not the harsh winters of North, The annual fee for an international student is $42,690, exclusive of other costs of residence, travel etc.

Duke University

Duke University

7. Dartmouth College located in Hanover, New Hampshire is known to offer a wide range of students activities, It enrolls approximately 4000 students every year and the tuition fee for international students $45,042. It is one of the oldest and most respected institutions in America and comprise of many undergraduate arts and sciences and engineering departments.

8. Duke University located in Durham, North Carolina is a private research university with a total of 6680 students enrolling each year. The tuition fee is $43,623 per academic year. The university possesses an impressive architecture and wide modern research facilities. It is known to be most selective university in South with perhaps the highest concentration of PhDs and MDs in the world.

9. Columbia University is a research institution mostly popular with the graduate students. It is located along with urban settlements of Manhattan and it is very convenient for the students to access the New York City. The tuition fee is $46,846 every academic year which is of nine months. The total enrollment of students is 26,050 every year.

10. Cornell University is located in Ithaca, New York with an enrollment of about 2100 students. It has perhaps the largest undergraduate studentsā€™ number and offers a wide range of disciplines. The tuition fee for undergraduate students is $45,130 every academic year.

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