Quick SAT Prep guide

While reading SAT as a requirement for getting an admission into one’s desired college or university, one is often caught in the following chain of thoughts “Haven’t I done enough tests till now?  And doesn’t my academic career record prove anything yet?” But surprisingly, SAT tests are a requirement for almost all of the good… Continue reading Quick SAT Prep guide

Universities in Netherlands for English speaking international students


The world has become a globalized one with ever increasing technological advancement leading to a vast communicational network and easy transportation. No sphere of life is unaffected with the modern developments so education is no exception. Every year hundreds of students go from one corner of the world to the other in pursuit of higher… Continue reading Universities in Netherlands for English speaking international students

Why Study in Europe?

The twenty first century world is nothing like any previous centuries with its advanced technologies, vast communication network and new modes of transportation. It has become a globalized world where one can move easily from place to another, from nook to the other corner of the world. The World Wide Websites has brought a revolutionary… Continue reading Why Study in Europe?